Samstag, 17. Januar 2009


Ich habe meinen Blog nicht einfach so "Chocolate Factory" genannt,
denn es gibt eine süße Sache, die ich gerne selbstkreiere :)

My Blog isn't named "Chocolate Factory" for nothing.
So one thing I do myself is this:

Man nehme ein wenig Fimo in Brauntönen, vielleicht etwas weiß oder rot oder grün für die Verziehrung und voilá:
es entstehen sehr schmackhaft aussehende Pralinen :)

You take some of the brown "Fimo" modelling material, it's like play-doh but you can harden it in the oven, and then you can add some in white, red, maybe even green to decorate your delicious chocolate.

Aber man darf seine Pralinen nicht aus den Augen lassen, denn manche Leute werden denken, sie wären echt ... und es wäre glaub ich nicht sehr gut, wenn sie die probieren würden.

But when you make these you have to hide them cuz they'll look so good that other people who don't know that these aren't eatable will try them...and that wouldn't be too good I guess.


It's one of the best lovestories ever and these books are SOOO incredibly addictive!
When you start reading you can't stop that you have to read on and on and on.
And in my case one day I suddenly realized it was 4 am haha

You get so into the whole story and I guess it has to be pretty funny to watch when I'm readin cuz when it comes to funny parts there is always a big grin on my face.
Sometimes I even have to laugh out loud.
And when it gets sad I'm about to start crying lol

I think that hasn't ever happened to me before.

I really really love the Twilight series!

I've read the books in English (well I'm not quite done with the last one yet but I'm on my way there ;) and just the first one in German.
I've got the German and the English audiobook of the first book "Twilight" and there was the premiere of the movie twilight on wednesday night at my towns movie's and guess who ordered tickets two weeks in advance? lol

But I've gotta say that sometimes the movie's kinda weird I think.
But maybe also the German dubbed version is the reason for that.
I haven't seen the whole movie in English yet but I definitely like it better.

The soundtrack on the other side is amazing!